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Amanda Cuthbert on the Issues

  • Decrease Class Sizes: Our School District is revered as highly desirable for parents in surrounding areas. Folks are moving into our district in significant numbers, and our current infrastructure is behind in catching up to the need this imposes. Our current schools are not equipped to accommodate more children, and the answer is not bigger classroom sizes. The new elementary school and building renovation/expansions are already fuller than originally anticipated, and there is no plan to resolve this dilemma. 
  • Address Diversity: As our population increases, so does our student diversity, now above 40% minority. Mirroring our diverse student population in our buildings with teachers and administration to provide an equitable balance will be imperative for the health of our student's mindset and biases.  Our current district demographic representation is not reflective of the world around us.
  • Heal Tensions: Relationship building is needed now more than ever. After a tumultuous battle in 2018-19 between administration and our teachers, we need to heal. Retention of our teachers is paramount in our process moving forward. Our teachers need to know that we support them so they feel comfortable coming to the table to resolve issues - not wage a war in the media. 
  • Fully Fund Education: Our recent budget proposal is displaying an alarming deficit in the coming years, yet our current School Board could not agree on a levy for this year's ballot that would resolve the issues, and huge class sizes are one of the results. I have lobbied the state legislature (see photos) on multiple occasions in an effort to address educational issues including budgeting. Until the state directs more revenue our way, the School Board must take action.

Committee to Elect Amanda Cuthbert
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